New born screening saves life

How is it done

Newborn screening is done using whole blood samples collected from the newborn’s heel onto a specially designed filter paper.

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Argininemia (ARG) is a condition that causes harmful amounts of arginine and ammonia to build up in the body. It is considered

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Most advanced technologies for metabolic screening Result Analysis Software- program for the rapid review and

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Why Newborn Screening

Why Newborn Screening

Newborn Screening Test is the first & most important screening test for a newborn. A newborn may appear healthy at birth but could have a hidden condition. It may be difficult for the parent or the physician to identify these conditions by just looking at the baby. These conditions, if left undetected, may lead to slow growth, brain damage, serious illness or could even be life threatening. Early detection and treatment can help the baby live a normal healthy life.

What makes us different

Modern Technology

We use state of the art and highly sensitive equipment to process the samples.

Qualified Team

Our testing and reporting procedures are developed by working along with practicing clinicians and experienced scientists.

International Guidelines

We follow strict guidelines set by global recommending bodies like ACMG, CDC, WHO and CLSI

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