It is health that is real wealth
and not pieces of gold and silver

- Mahatma Gandhi

Sample collection

Newborn screening is done using whole blood samples collected from the newborn’s heel onto a specially designed filter paper. The filter paper is attached to a requisition form which captures time of birth and collection, date of birth, weight, gestational age, medical details, type of feeding and medical details of mother and child. The form also captures whether the baby has had a blood transfusion and any additional nutrition the baby may have received TPN (total parenteral nutrition).

Newborn screening samples are collected from the infant between 48 hours to 72 hours after birth. Samples can be collected at the hospital, or by midwives. Newborn screening is done with consent of parents

Laboratory testing

Samples are processed and analysed using ‘triple quadropole tandem masspectrometry’, HPLC and enzyme assays. Data generated through these machines are analysed using software and the observations are reported

Reporting results

Reports are made on the website portal within 48 hours sample collection and a hard copy is provided on request. In case of positive results for any condition, confirmatory tests would be recommended along the results. . In some cases, a positive newborn screen can also indicate testing on other family members, such as siblings who did not undergo newborn screening for the same condition or the baby's mother, as some maternal conditions can be identified through results on the baby's newborn screen.

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